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Smart For Two Passion Model Option - Electric Power Steering????

Greetings, I am looking for insight about the electric power steering that is included in the comfort package. Is this option a must have? Insight you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

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I tested the euro version when they toured the US and found the non powered was stiff in parking senerios. the car after it rolls is quite normal but I went ahead and opted for the power steering. now I did the comfort package and when I received MY car I hated the hokey puck (auto lights and wipers) so I declined it and got a car with no comfort pack but WITH power steering... I love it, I can park like it were riding on rails! My friends here all have non powered and were pleasently amused by it. ask Speedy, Hes driven mine and has a non powered one in his driveway.
Thank you for the quick response! Your insight is valuable. The car I am about to buy does not have the comfort package and I have been worried. Good to know it is easy to handle without this option. Do you have insight about vehicle maintenance? Where does one take the Smart for routine check up etc.?
You're right sato, the auto wipers are really dumb. I don't understand that smart didn't notice that while testing the smart. Powersteering on the smart rides a little better in my opinion, specially when driving with a passenger the car steers a little heavy without. Smarts with wider tyres really need powersteering, cause cornering and roundabouts are not cool then.
dont get me wrong i would have liked the auto wipers and lights but not at the expense of having the huge hokey puck in the middle of the winshield (sensor).

vehicle maintanance? NS what are you refering to? the dealer can do most things under warranty, the oil is @ 10,000 miles. so little realy needs to be done that you cant do yourself.
I'm soon to be a Smart owner but I didn't order mine with power steering. I'm starting to regret it after reading your replies, can power steering be added on at a later date?
no. who the hell said PS was a needed option? i'm 5'8" and 116 pounds and the steering is light to me. unless you're "super wimp" you're ok. i have a pure, i'd like a lower ratio for the window winder, i'd prefer a couple more cranks with less effort in that action.

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