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The Scanguage I installed on my 2008 451 Passion now reports a "P0140 Secondary Air Injection System Malfunction." At the same time period, the gas mileage dropped from 50mpg to 38mpg.
Does anyone have a clue as to what's going on, or a troubleshooting procedure? The nearest smart center is 400 miles round trip.

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you've lost 24% fuel economy, something's definitely wrong with your smart. time for a road trip! sorry dude.
go to http://www.evilution.co.uk/index.php there they can answer the cause of the malfunction. do this before you make a long trip..
Thanks, SATO. I went there, great site! I posted the question there and got a quick response. However, they have no info on this problem. I'm awaiting a call back from the Jacksonvill, FL smart service guy, and awaiting and awaiting . . .
I had the same error code, Louis, in my Passion 451. (Isn't Scan Gauge WONDERFUL?) I didn't seem to have the dramatic drop in fuel economy you had, though. Anyway, I took my smart into the Westin dealership and they replaced a valve (no cost, of course). The dealership intimated that this particular error code and the valve that causes it to occur is not uncommon in the new smarts here in the US. The car has run perfectly since the valve was replaced and it has had no further error codes.
Same thing happened to me as happened to AB. The shop had to keep mine overnight to let the engine cool to replicate the problem. After that it was an easy fix.
Many thanks, AB.
Thanks, Scott.
Check engine light came on this morning, does anyone have a list of 451 scan codes?
I dropped a stitch in not following up on this story. I got a call back, got an appointment, made the trip. Before I left home, the shifter locked up (no Park, no Reverse). Morning of the trip, I started the car, pushed it in to the street, shifted to Drive, made the trip.
One hour at the dealer and the fixes were in, no charge, and they washed the car, all while I was devouring their pastries and coffee. I bought a spare secondary air injection valve ($42), since I've heard this part failure is fairly common. Looks like an easy replacement, right on top of the engine.
Day later I got a call; the factory was sending an entire new shifter (an upgrade?). They did, it was quickly installed, another wash job and pastries, no charge. No further issues. Oh, I bought their nitrogen in the tires package ($60), since there were so many benefits included, like a 4 wheel alignment, etc.,etc.
Juast an aside, is most of your driving city or highway? My best tank was 43 MPG combined.
I live in a large rural North Florida county and my driving mix is probably 60 highway/40 city. Best mileage was 51, but 40-46 isthe usual. Airco, often on, kills mileage, as does 70 mph Interstate speeds. Best mileage 48-50 mph.

I have put three of these things in. I think there should be a recall issue with them. Both this and the other air pump went. Its been like $850 to replace. Now the dealer is replacing it a third time.

On top of that the dealers are pretty crooked. I had to replace the entire gas tank because the sensor was bad. That was like $1900 at 25,000 mile. I wrote a letter to Smart USA and they covered the labor. I don't trust smart dealers as far as I can reach in front of me. They seem squirley and awfully snobby. I had the dealer in Utah tell me " we are not in the habit of giving Mercedes loaners to Smart car owners." I was like seriously? I mean Phoenix/Chandler has loaners for $15. I guess the Utah dealer is the middle of nowhere. Still it was rude and bad customer service. If it wasn't for that fact that I love the car I would already have sold it and sworn off Mercedes. Great car overall, just poor service implementation.

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