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Smart 451 has a good setup to deliver Oxygen to the engine. The air filter for the job is of good size and inside the filter box Smart has 2 water drains. In case the rain water or dew drops make the way into the compartment they will just be flushed out. I have been after K&N to come up with a high flow filter for the Smart 451. Well they have produced a few prototypes and I received on to test.
It certainly makes a difference installing a High Flow filter. The car from the first start is more responsive and acceleration seems to benefit from the extra free flowing air into the engine.
I also noticed that my scanG was registering a better MPG reading at 3000 RPM compared to the original air filter at 3000 RPM. So if you are seeking better performance and higher MPG I would suggest buying and installing a free flow filter. A few companies are selling them.

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Where can I check the scoop?
You can order the BTL filter as it should be good. K&N still testing.
Ordered the Brthless filter today.
I understand they are backed up. Popular install.

The K&N web site (http://www.knfilters.com/search/appsearch.aspx) is returning a round air filter (E-9257) for the smart 2008 fortwo.... obviously a wrong filter for the USA model... note that the Inventory Status shows not in stock for the USA; but is in stock for the UK. I was going to order the filter from the UK... but until my turbo pulse arrives (should have been yesterday!) I can't shed any light on this paradox.... the round filter may be turbo only ?

The caution is to confirm any listed K&N filter is the correct one for your smart.
I ran a K&N filter in my Honda Passport (Isuzu Rodeo) 3.2 V6 in the US for about 5 years. I have no worries about them not catching normal particulate matter.
E-9257 dose not fit the U.S model air filter.
The 451 has the flat filter. Look at the picture I left.

At last... my turbo pulse is at the local dealer, awaiting pre-delivery service, detailing and registration... ready to go on Monday.
I took some photos of it, including the engine bay with the turbo plumbing... anything look familiar?

Air box is the same. The TIK is different. Congratulations on getting the TTTurbo. I see also the Turbo on the right upper corner. Keep us posted as to how the car feels and post some more pics.
....soooo..is there a turbo kit out there for the USA 451?

Not yet.
I have a few people looking at it. The turbo install will need a few parts. I was hoping that BRABUS might bring the turbo engiine to U.S. Talking to BRABUS yesterday they said yes the car is going to be coming not the turbo version.

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