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I filled up my tank about a week ago and have traveled 74 miles and the tank still reads full. It has never done this before and I am wondering if I have a concern or do other owners have the same issue with the gauge dropping bars with a little more mileage. I would appreciate anyone's input regarding this issue.

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I guess you are getting good millage. It could be you over filled also.
This is common for me and i have 4000 miles. Just be ready to look for a gas station when you reach your last 2 bars. : )
Don't worry.
The bars are in eighths... roughly a gallon each.
The trick seems to be how full the tank is when filled at the pump.

mr bad example always filled right up. Discussion on overfilling has been bebated.

The USA owners manual says do not overfill. (see page 170)

The Aussie (Euro?) page 111 owners manual says:
"If you wish to fill up the tank to its maximum capacity, wait for thirty seconds after the pump has stopped filling. Then continue until the filling pumps stops again."

I refilled today and it took 2.4 litres (over half a gallon) more to refill than the ScanGauge and distance travelled had predicted. A hot day; a hot car. I have not used the procedure suggested in the owners manual... could someone please test it out and see if the difference is a bit over half a gallon (say 2 litres).

From now on. I'll start using the first pump cutoff; wait 30 seconds; then top off procedure. (Yea mr bad example!)

This pump cut off variance is probably due to ambient temperature and fuel tank vapour pressure. It may be why many of us have variable fuel consumption. Half a gallon over 8 gallons gives over a sixteenth refill difference.

So: half a gallon difference will give you say 24 mpg; maybe 48 + 24 = 72 miles before the first 1/8 (gallon) marker drops..??
I've got over 12,000 miles on my smart since March, this happens all the time. The first bar stays lit usually for 110 - 120 miles, the second only stays lit for 20 - 24 miles, This is all highway driving, and I don't try to put extra in the tank/filler tube.. The gauge is not really an accurate way to judge the fuel mileage. The gauge on just about any car will show more miles for the first half of the tank than the second half.

I put more than 74 miles on in a day :)
Thank you for all the input. I filled up and let the pump click off. Then I filled it a little more until it clicked the second time and then I stopped. This may have caused the tank to become overfilled? I will drive some more and see if the gauge starts to register. This is unusual since I have been getting anywhere from 32-36 mpg. and the gauge has always started to drop at least one bar when I have traveled 40 miles. I see others have similar concerns. I have never had the gauge go to the 7/8th mark after a re-fuel, so that is one symptom I have not experienced.
The most I have gone before the gauge moved was 132 miles. But from there it moved REAL quick....
That's good to know. I just hope it isn't stuck. As soon as I have a chance to put more miles on this tank of fuel and see what happens with the gauge, I will let you know. Thanks again for your input.
I guess you are getting 32-36 because of air conditioner being on.
That's true. I like the A/C and it is very hot here in Monrovia. The current tank full of fuel has been mostly with the A/C off as the weather is a bit more temperate. I am not that interested in getting the highest mileage. I just want the vehicle to run well and have everything work & I am good with that. I just want to enjoy it.
Well I leave mine on also.
Well, as a few people have indicated, the fuel gauge did drop one bar after I had gone approximately 85 miles so I think that all is normal with my fuel gauge and I will not have to visit the dealer. I want to thank everyone for your input. It was helpful to know the idiosyncrasies of the Smart fuel guage.

i've gone up to 110 miles before hitting 7/8's of a tank, then 3/4's at 137, it's not that accurate (smart). too bad they didn't put sensors in the fuel neck and consider that part of the "tank". it's not rocket science and only costs a few $$ more.

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