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About 20 years ago or so, I read an SAE paper indicating engine life was substantially extended when the initial oil fill was changed, along with the filter, sometime around the first 2000 miles. I have done this on several new cars since and have seen each acheive very high engine mileages before overhaul - some to nearly 300,000! Even my crappy Suzuki Sidekick went to nearly 190,000! This experience has also lead me to change out all the fluids I can at this initial point and just go ahead and let the service indicator schedule another oil change when it says to.
Anyway, my problem has to do with the transmission oil on the 451. What the hell is BOT328 anyway? Something tells me Mercedes has specified one of their magical synthetic mixes like they did on the C-Class manual tranny. At nearly $50 per liter (it takes two!) it must be blended Bald Eagle heads or something!

Anybody inside the SMART parts department out there that can give me a clue to the mysterious BOT328?


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Thanks, Farrel, All input is greatly appreciated. I'm planning on going with Mobil One also, but being in Florida, I'm not sure about the weight yet. I'll be checking with the dealer also. Safe, smart driving! Jack
Hello all,

Here is the list direct from smart as to approved oils.

"Transmission oil used in the 2008 smart fortwo is 75w90 API GL4. The smart part number is A0019895103."

The engine oil one will not allow me to copy and paste so will try and add it as an attachment. If it does not show up feel free to email me at bivy@smartcenterseattle.com and I will forward it to you. BTW it is Mobile One 0-40w from the factory from my understanding. That is what i will be using here in my shop as well.

PS: might take me a bit I am running a one man show here and I have trucks showing up with cars for PDI's so am pretty busy in the shop.

I just did a bit of research of the API rating on the factory recommended transmission fluid. Here is a good link: click me!
Within this spec sheet is the statement: "Mobil 1 Synthetic Gear Lubricant LS 75W-90 can also be used in rear axles where API Service GL-4 lubricant is recommended."
That's good enough for me!
Update on Oil Change: I changed the oil on my 451 at 1050 miles. I used Mobil One 0W-40 Extended Performance and put a new filter on it. It took about 3.5 quarts to get the mark on the dipstick dead on. the oil looked good - not overheated or particulary black. So far, the engine runs like a clock!
Thanks for the good info again, Farrel. Since the last email I was able to get Mobil One 0w-40, which is labeled curiously enough, "European Car Formula". I also got a couple of oil filters: Mobil 1, M1-108 for $10 at our local Advanced Auto Parts store, and a NAPA Gold 1365 for $8 at the local NAPA store. Just eyeballing them, the NAPA looks better to me. 8 holes as opposed to 6 for one thing. hmmm. I'm sure they're both quality filters. Now I just need my car! I was told it arrived "here" (which I think means in the USA) on March 8. Still waiting to get the call from the dealer. They said it should be here any day. Getting a little impatient.....but hopefully it won't be long. Jack
i know this may sound stupid, but we've had snow here and muck since i got my smart, i never got around to looking underneath the car, is there an oil drain plug in the pan or do you have to suck it out like 450 smarts? haven't had a "dry lot" day since i got the car! snow, slush, muck!
you'll get it in the next week, hopefully, they told me 3 weeks when mine arrived in the US, but it was at the dealer in 2 weeks, it was also this first shipment to that dealer, so maybe they didn't have an "actual clue" and were guessing... happens a lot with smart dealers, guessing is their major pasttime, outside of waiting and handing out keys for test drives... i'd go nuts being a smart salesperson... knowing if i made a "sale" it would be for next year... nice having a product that sells itself (i couldn't live like that... i'd feel like a greeter at wallymart!)
First, you're right about the smart car folks being more of a wallymart greeter than a sales person. In fact, our dealer folks here said they aren't even called salespeople, and they work only on a salary. They are just processing the orders and getting the cars out as they come in. Sure a different way of doing the car business.

And re: the snow, slush, muck, boy does that bring back memories! I was born and raised in Michigan. Most of my life now in Florida, so those are all "fond memories"....along with as soon as the temp hit 33 degrees, the hose would come out and I'd wash the car before it went back to below freezing.

By the way, I understand there is a drain plug on these 451s. And have you seen the oil filter yet? So cute! My wife said it looks like something you should put on a table with a candle in it.

Thanks for the encouragement on my car's arrival. Now that it's this close, in some ways it seems like it's never really going to happen.

A blessed Holy Week and Happy Easter to all! Jack Vero Beach, FL
i took a peek today, got my hands and knees wet/dirty, the filter is very small, i was looking from the left rear side, it looks like a possible plug on the right side of the pan, on the side, hopefully in a few days i can look at it better when i get a dry place to park! if i win the lottery, i'll move to where i never have to see snow again! AZ, NV or FL come to mind.
There is an oil drain plug on the passenger side of the oil pan, rather large plug at that. Attached to the oil plug you will find a metal screen. Be sure to clean that screen well. The screen is not a replacable item so dont throw it out, you will need it =)
just wondering what your price is on oil filters... my dealer is selling them for $12.95. i'm wondering what would be a "reasonable" oil change interval with mobil 1, i'm thinking 4-5,000 miles, i think 10,000 miles is outrageous (i've heard BMW has up to 15,000 miles for their cars). also, what else is done on the 10,000 mile service on a smart? it would be nice to see an actual service schedule for this car... what gets done when...
smart recommended oil.filter changes each 10,000 miles or one year. There is an additional service (B schedule) every 20,000 miles.

The service interval indicator in the display of your vehicle informs you of the date and scope of the next scheduled service. When you start the engine, this information is shown in miles (m) or days for approximately 10 seconds, depending on the mileage reading. The two types of service scope, A and B, should be carried at alternating intervals. The display symbols shown on your panel (one wrench - Scope A, two wrenches - Scope B) will let you know which service scope is now due.

You can find the details at:



Additional service scopes:

Anything more is not recommended by the manufacturer.

“Synthetic oils, because of their better properties, need to be changed less often, at intervals up to 25,000 miles or more. In the end, the best advice on the type of oil to use and the frequency of oil changes is to follow the manufacturer's recommendation in your car owner's manual.”
–Steve Ritter, in Chemical & Engineering News, March 13, 2006
Thanks for the links, but they seem not to work?

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