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The airbag indicator light is staying on

Anyone have this problem?

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Did you by any chance take out any of your seats or disconnect any of the wiring?


If you are in Southern California we can help you out (we can diagnose and repair most issues at our shop including the air bag light), but unfortunately if you are out of the area all we can do is help diagnose over email or the phone.



I have the same problem
My light came on a couple times and the next thing I knew my battery light came on. I brought in (only took two trips) to the dealer. I got a new alternator and they replaced a microwave sensor. I had no idea what a microwave sensor was for. It seems that it has something to do with the a security system? Do a diagnostic and check for tripped sensors and check your alternator cuz if it isn't functioning properly it will trip all kinds of weird stuff.

Well i know now that the problem on my smart its not from the airbags in the seats. I reasently removed both of my seats with the battery disconnected of corse, to gain access to my shifting cluster and i was sure to clean the connectors properly and i made sure that all the connections were properly made and my airbag light on the dash is still on and when i have a passenger with me i still have a passenger airbag off light is still on . So my new theory is that my sub under the dash on the passenger side has caused my air bag wires to come loose and make a bad connection.

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