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My original battery on a March 2008 build is 42AH.
I think the upgrade Battery is around 61AH.
Smart will only upgraded for certain feature if you have on your Smart.
Comfort package features (1) heated Seats.

Anyone got an upgrade?

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After having the battery go dead 3 times and finally having it flatbedded to the dealer the bulletin came out that told them they needed to replace the battery with a bigger one. This car is really different with a dead battery!! You can't get it out of gear, the alarm freaks out when you try to charge it or jump it!!
Every Smart owner should change their battery ASAP or be stuck one day.
i have a pure with alarm, i got the upgrade. the original cranked and started the car at -8F, my smart is a daily driver.
I've not had any battery issues on mine. It was swapped out at the 2.0 upgrade. I drive 7 miles round trip each day to and from work, plus a dash to a local eatery nearly every day. These short drives are mixed in with the occasional "ENTIRE DAY" in the car darting all over central Florida. On those days I might spend 8 hours in the car, often at idle for 1 to 2 hour periods. As I am in the car during those times, the AC is on, usaully full blast and the sound system is on - Upgraded and with a sizeable amp pushing a compact 10" sub. So far, after a year and 22 days (whose counting) of this type of driving, racking up about 13K I've had no issues with the charging system. Let's hope this smart keeps on going.
i think this is an issue to those who use the smart as a second car. if you have the luxury of having another vehicle for prime mobility and drive the smart occasionally, for fun, the alarm and other systems may drain the battery over time.

i live in the midwest, it gets cold here, that's when batteries get weak. if you drive it daily, you'll never have a problem. it's the "novelty" drivers, the ones who take their smart once every week or two who have the problems.

the smart "purist", whose daily transport is their smart, will never see this problem, but i like the idea of a 50% larger battery for those cold winter mornings...
How about you go on a vacation and park your car at the airport.
At your return the can refuses to start and your vacation ends up not all that fun.
Yep... it's the glass half full thingy...
The battery is only a reservoir for energy. What you take out must be put be back in (plus a bit).
If you do cold winter starts, turn on all the heating and lights, drive 5 miles to and from work, you may be taking out more than the charging system is putting back in. Eventually the battery may be drained below cranking ability and you are stuck.
Did the 800 km round trip over the weekend (Aus is 16 time zone hours ahead of the USA) and stopped monitoring the Voltage on the ScanGauge after the first hundred or so. Voltage stayed steady at 12.5. Rarely did it jump to 14 V which have indicated a full charge from the alternator... so my 40 Ah battery lives on... 12 months warranty expires end of September... I'm watching it closely, now it's back to town driving.
One question though: Has anyone confirmed that the USA 40 AH battery is original Euro smart sourced or was it a US battery that was fitted to the new cars. Batteries are a whole lot cheaper in the US than most places in the world.
i went ahead and bought 1 of the 34/78? batterys from pepboys, maybe it was 875-900 cca. anyways its the biggest that fits. i run some camping equipment with it and so far no problem.
i have 2 amplifiers 3000 watts totall four speakers two tweeter and a jl w7 subwoofer to the origianl battery with hids and i never had a problem withthe original baterry and it died on me once cuz i left the lights
do you drive it every day?
Yours might have come with the larger battery.

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