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Join fellow smart owners and smart enthusiasts from Cyprus.

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Hello to the Smart community. Are there any Cypriot Smart owners out there? Join us
A big Hello to all dear Friends in Cyprus.

Kalhspera eimai o Giannhs apo to Smart Club Boreioy Ellados (www.scng.gr)

Tous Thermous mou xairetismous stous filous apo Kypro.
Does Cyprus have a Smart Club?
If it does, what is their webpage? Or how can we contact them?
pistevo tha itan kali idea na organone kapoio idos get together stin lemeso , oloi oi owners enos smart for two..kai na ginotan kati san poria gyro aptin lemeso...tha itan to kati allo
Dear Dimitris, unfortunately no. We try to gather the Cypriot Smart owners to the Cyprus Smart Club in this website
Geia sou adelfe Gianni. Thanks for the greetings
Hello Witz. Come and join us at the Cyprus Smart Club in this webpage if you like
Poli wrea tha itan simfwnw. Opote an vreis kai ksereis allous Smart owners fere tous edw na organwthoume
Orthotato. Autokinita tetias klasis tetoies poreies theloun ! :)

Apo tin stigmi pou auta ta autokinita sou dinoun tin eukairia na tous prosthesis tin prosopiki sou pinelia, to diko sou style tote tha eprepe na dimiourgithei ena club stin lemeso pou na kanoume tetiou eidous poreies.

Tha einai ena Smart pandemonio xromaton :P

Apla teleio.

Hi to all :)
i am from istanbul. It is very difficult to find wheels and accessories for smart 451. I am planning to go to Selaniko Greece and buy some. I will appreciate if you guys can help me to offer me some wheel and accessory stores there.
Thank you for your attention
Hello, you can contact John Depastas (which you can see a reply from him above) and their Smart club they have in Northern Greece is www.scng.gr.

This is the Cyprus club, that's why can't help you.


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