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Jay Leno's Review of the New 2008 Smart Car

A amazing review of the American 2008 smart passion coupe cabriolet model by Jay Leno, one of the biggest car enthusiasts in the United States.

I really enjoyed the video and glad that Jay said "the lighter the vehicle is the easier it is to stop" and further pointed out why the car is safe and could be safer then your typical car.

Also glad that they pointed… Continue

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Brabus Ultimate 112 (451/2008 smart fortwo)

Brabus Ultimate 112 Well anyone who has ever said the smart is slow has never seen the new Brabus Ultimate 112 as while its not going to be breaking any records with a 0 - 60 in 3.9 seconds.

Ok that's Km/h, but its still fast for this size of a vehicle and makes for a while ride behind the wheel. The 0 - 100 Km/h (0-60 Mph) is 9.5 seconds, which is a 3.8 seconds fast then the base smart. BTW that's almost a 30% improvement in performance.

While here in Canada and the… Continue

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Smart 451 Roof on Passion Coupe

Close up of Smart Car Roof If you have the passion coupe model of the new 2008 smart 451 then you are in for a treat as the roof is not only amazing for the driver its an amazing feat of engineering.

While most think its glass, actually the roofs in the new 451's are actually made of plastic (Makrolon® Polycarbonate) and are very durable and light weight. It was built for smart by Bayer (yes the aspirin company) and at present is the largest roof made of plastic.

Having this… Continue

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Canadian 2008/451 Smart Passion Review

Smart 451 Today I manage to get an hour with a Canadian version of the 2008 Passion smart car. While at present the smart isn’t able to be driven in Canada due to the engine not being approved by transport Canada yet, I managed to get the keys to one and get lost driving around Halifax for about an hour.

Before I went driving I went over the car to get an idea of what if any differences there where to what has been reported to date. The exterior of…

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Shift Delay on Smart 451 Between 1st and 2nd

Here are two short video's showing the delay between the 1st and 2nd shift, this is with the pedal to the floor on the manual shift mode of a Smart 451 Passion Canadian 2008… Continue

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Smart Cars in Halifax Dock


There where only 70 smart's but that number went up to almost 1,000. These first couple photos are smart's in the service area here at the dock. The majority of the cars are parked in the green area below.

Smart-Car-Lineup Below is outlined in green the area currently taken up by smart's, its easily the largest single type of car sitting at the dock as most cars come and then get put on trains within a few days. The smart's have been sitting there for over 1 months…


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Canadian 2008 smart fortwo 451 all Models

Canadian smart fortwo 2008 Brochure While the car's might not be all here yet the brochure for the Canadian model of the 2008 smart car is and its well worth a read. Even though the American version will have a few different options most of the things are the same in terms of the engine spec and style.

Smart USA hasn't released a brochure yet and I would think part of the delay is that some parts the US smart is getting are actually exclusive to the US and smart hasn't had time to get this all printed. Canada… Continue

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